Time for a "What are you listening to" 2021


one of my all time favourites, I know it word perfect... you have such good taste Tish..:D... not nearly enough people appreciate this song. I get people looking at me sideways when I play this to them.. like '' WTH are you thinking Holly ''?:oops:... but I love it, and this youtube version is my favourite...

Me too, I absolutely adore this song. I think we both have awesome taste 😁


Not that another music thread is needed, we have some good ones, but I might start a Jazz music thread for of us to post favorites.
Sometimes late at night, when I can't sleep, I'll listen to some Bossa Nova or Miles Davis just because. Always helps.
Would love to hear what others like about Jazz and your favorite songs.
Just might do it.

Till then...

@floridaliving Why do hamsters look so cute with swollen cheeks but people, not so much. Anyway, I hope things only improve for the both of you. I quite enjoyed reading your stream of consciousness there! Thanks for sharing.

SAD Hampster

Nobody's darling