What are you doing today?


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New Jersey
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You look fabulous Holly, tell you what, I feel upstaged. You even outshine that
amazing Harvester International truck you are posing on.

What a lovely compliment, much appreciated and thank you. Take Holly's advice Diva and just stop by next time there's a classic car meeting near you. Who knows you could just come across what was once called a Deusenberg:
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Even if you are not into the machinations of the internal combustion engine you will be bowled over by "The Doozy."
That car is GORGEOUS!! I love the color and everything. :love: Maybe one day I will get to go HC.


London England
They may hold these events in the shore area. It would be convenient if they held them in Atlantic City, my second home I call it because our timeshare is there and I was going often until COVID. I no longer drive but AC is easily accessible by bus. I certainly would love to go to one. Nice pics. You're looking good HD.
thanks Diva 🤗 but just to make it clear, that photo is 10 years old...:D


Living the Dream
Just sitting here waiting for Thelma to wake up and then I will make our coffee. Didn’t get flu shot yet but maybe today as we have nothing planned.
‘Yesterday I got a wee bit hot under the collar at my eye doctors. After waiting 45 minutes being ignored, I went up to counter and ask them why so long a wait. She told me they overbooked and it shouldn’t be much longer. I got right in after I talked to her. Overbooked? I’ll say. The waiting room was packed for two doctors. :mad:


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Ontario Canada
Today I shall give my big vacuum cleaner a treat and take it for a spin around the apartment.
It is quite powerful and I haven't used for a few months.
My little 2 in 1 Shark stick vacuum actually does a good job with surface dust
but the big one gets deep in to the rugs...only thing is it tends to drag me along rather than let me guide:LOL::p

Then I will probably just drink coffee, eat choc biscuits and watch some TV.
I have a few good vintage movies recorded so doesn't matter if I doze off now and again.
What did we ever do without replay and fast forward ?
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Manitoba, Canada
Today I had blood tests at hospital for my six month check up with the Cancer Doc.
I see him next week for consultation and if blood is still clear I will have been in remission for 4 years
( is that last part proper grammar....don't want to upset peeps in another thread ):unsure:

I have lost some weight but I can blame that on the thumb caper over the last several months.
It has been stressful.
At my age, with b-cell lymphoma , I was given 2-5 years so hey guys ,you may be stuck with me and my naughtiness for
another year.
Y'all keep those fingers crossed now
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Hope all your results come out positive, and remission will be your best friend for many, many years to come.


London England
I'm fed up with the inept weather reporting. I checked the forecast with 2 separate weather apps from Tuesday.. it said Wednesday was going to be sunny, Thursday would be heavy cloud.. Friday and Saturday rain.. So I arranged my life around those forecasts .. yesterday ended up not sunny, but very cloudy.. today is sunny.. when it should have been miserable, and I'm stuck in waiting for a delivery.. ..I have no idea how the meteorologists get paid so much, .. I wish I could find me a job that pays me megabucks to get everything wrong.. :rolleyes:
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