What jobs have you been employed at?


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Mar 7, 2014
I really like your album pictures. there is a show on TV called buying Alaska. Very interesting on some of the off- the- grid homes. I presume you are not that far out in the wilderness.
There's electricity out at my place now but there wasn't when I bought the land 15 years ago. The road is paved now too, I was just as happy without either, truth be told. I'll never have city water, sewer or garbage so I catch rain for washing, pack drinking water from a spring a couple miles down the road and of course, there's ye lil ole outhouse.

I did, however, live quite remote in my 12X22 floathouse anchored at the other end of the island for many years once my kids were grown. Totally off/grid and pretty much self sufficient. It was fun at the time but too much work anymore. The floathouse is still my part-time home tied to the beach in front of my little cabin. I'll put some photos in the album for you to see.


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Mar 17, 2014
South Florida
College Math Tutor
Credit Analyst
International Credit Analyst
Lead Collections Analyst
Tax Accountant
Money Booth Gal
English for Speakers of Other Languages Assistant Teacher
Sales Order Manager
...I see a pattern of boring jobs here that I was unaware of
District Admin Manager
Medical Practice Manager


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May 27, 2014
Swept the local Barber Shop for $0.25/day (good money back then) every Saturday when I was about eight or nine
Auto detailer;
Chassis Cadmium Electroplating worker at a radio factory;
Electronics/Nuclear technician in the Submarine Service;
Various electronic test jobs, as many as three concurrently, while transitioning back to civilian life;
GoGo Bar bouncer;
40 years as an Aerospace Environmental Test engineer;
Second degree in Physical/Forensic Anthropology with a couple of years part-time museum work.


Jun 14, 2014
Central California
I wanted to own a Mortuary (Funeral Home) since i was 13 years old. I went to school after military service and studied to be a Embalmer/Funeral Director. got licensed for both and was in the business for well over 1,000 funerals. Left the business when I realized I could not buy into or own my own business. Went back to school at age 31and studied Finance and for the next 30 years I was in sales and sales management of financial products and services and am now retired.

Lc jones

Jun 6, 2017
I’ve worked as a cashier, a preschool helper, a factory worker, a police dispatcher, a ticket taker, an employment counselor and a sales representative not in that order. My favorite job was an employment counselor it was great to see people go to work and not worry day to day if they were going to make it.


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Mar 28, 2018
Pet store sales clerk
Gyroscope assembler
IBM computer assembler
Quality control assurance
Personal cook
Saxophonist/ singer
Professional cannabis grower
Professional cannabis by product maker


Oct 26, 2016
Las Vegas
I've been an insurance agent since 1977 and at 65 am still working for myself. Although I did take about 10 years off to do political fundraising and campaign treasurer work.

The last "job" I had was in 1995. I don't play well with others so much better on my own.



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Jan 26, 2018
Aiken SC
Summer Camp Counselor
US Army Specialist
Engineer / Manager for AT&T
Operations Manager for start-up telecomm / internet company
Business Analyst for Federal Government


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More jobs than I'd like to remember. My four major jobs (at least six years at each one) were:

1. Selling advertising for a major newspaper.
2. Executive Director of a non-profit.
3. Executive Assistant to the vice president of a hospital system.
4. Office Manager for a medical management company.

The rest of them were ultimately forgettable.


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Oct 3, 2016
Fleurieu Peninsula South Australia
I started work as a Checkout Chick in the late 60's while waiting for placement in a State Government position
Worked in the State Government as a Clerk until my first child a daughter was due in 1977
Stay at home Mum for 7 years during which another child a boy was born in 1979
Once they were at school I worked in a Delicatessen for a few years until the owners did a 'midnight flit'
I came into work one morning and it was all locked up and the Creditors had left a notice on the shop
By this time I was in my early 30's and I secured employment as a general 'dog's body' (Domestic) in a Nursing Home
I suffered severe back injuries while at work and was paralyzed for a time but after 4 back surgeries I walked out of hospital
I eventually had to retire from the Nursing Home due to my physical disabilities in 1995
I am also a Justice Of The Peace for South Australia and have been for the last 20 years


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Aug 12, 2017
I had a summer job working at a local drug store in my 20's
I worked for 3 years at a local law firm as a 'gopher' ,learn how a law firm operates in the late 70's,early 80's
I worked at local hospital as a part time pharmacy tech for 27 yrs .My job was delivering narcotics to all nursing units,speciality units.I took early retirement in 2011


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Oct 30, 2013
I've had so many jobs it'd take a while to list them. In my family it was important you had a job even when in school you needed a summer job. Other than hiring out for farm work, I got a job during the school year washing dishes in a cafe, I was fourteen and one day while walking home from school this popular cafe had a sign in the window, Help Wanted. They wanted a dish washer. I came in at four p.m. and stayed till after the evening meal. They closed at nine pm. I worked five days a week and all day Saturday. I didn't asked my mom or dad if I could take a job. All dad said was, "You're a better man than i thought you were." My job was mainly washing up the pots and pans although I did all the evening shift dishes and helped with the cleaning before closing. I was there long enough to get a substantial raise and then the cafe changed ownership. I was let go but I could always say I was a professional dishwasher.

I suppose the more important jobs held was Purchasing manager for a fortune 500 Irrigation manufacturing company. And later as sales rep and then sales manager for an aguculture and industrial fastener supplier to the AG and Industrial markets in West Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. At least that's where I made the best living. In between I've done anything and everything. Mostly in the oil patch.
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Jun 27, 2019
gas station attendant
ice cream factory worker
railway station switchboard operator
elementary school teacher
BHP steel factory worker
English as a Foreign Language Teacher
English as a Second Language Teacher
School Cleaner
Shopping Centre Cleaner
Warehouse Cleaner
Disability Support Worker
Mental Support Worker
Nightshift Caretaker
Junk Mail Deliverer


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Feb 21, 2015
Vancouver Island Canada
Hmm. Life guard, swimming instructor. Belly dancer, which helped pay my way through a decade of university and avoid student debt. After I graduated with my PhD, I worked with various street outreach organizations, and taught female sexuality and healthy relationships in university. Loved teaching, disliked the faculty politics. Found my niche as a psychologist who works primarily with people suffering from one sort of trauma or another. Still belly dance.😁😁


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Jul 9, 2014
ive always worked from the age of 15,
my first job was a junior clerk,
I had a few concessions, within large department stores

and my last job , was working in a Fringe Theatre, managing the Food and Bar Area....1988
Then i became a private carer for the elderly,
and now im a carer for my husband !!


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Jun 6, 2014
Once I turned 16, my mom insisted that I get a summer job for which she made the arrangements. Usually the jobs were performing inventory at department stores. Once I had the task of doing driver surveys at rest stops on the highway (like where they were from, where they were going, etc.) and was almost arrested - at least I got the Miranda treatment. The trooper said I had to stop bothering people since I didn't have a permit to do so (I always suspected someone made a complaint). I told the trooper the survey supervisor was working at another rest stop. I guess the trooper went and talked to him becaue he came back and said I could continue. I never flipped burgers asa summer job, however.

I was lucky to get a well-paying job the fall after I graduated from college. I worked for our state's health department for 38 years (retired 9 years ago come this September). I started in the microbiology department performing a variety of diagnostic procedures and worked there 6 years. Then was promoted to the toxicology research lab and stayed there 27 years and had a few research papers published. The last year I was placed in the enviromental analysis lab where my main function was to keep the anylitical equipment calibrated. I quipped then that every time I got a promotion, the location kept getting closer to the exit door.

After retirement, I rested over the winter, then got bored and went looking for a job and ended up with one that costs me money - delivering meals to the elderly and shut-ins. The drivers are not even reimbursed for gas. The current route can be 25 to 27 miles depending on how many clients are on the route list any given day. The only "perks" are that any day I deliver meals, I have the option to request a complimentary meal that day. Also volunteers are given a "recognition" luncheon once a year at an upscale restaurant.


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Jun 27, 2019
I gotta reply to this. I had a cool job. I worked in a warehouse as a fork lift driver and I ROCKED at it. It was my favorite job ever. Sure, I had other jobs, but this one was the best, and the longest.
i held forklift drivers in awe. Getting a heavy pallet off a high perch was something i never want to do.Strain on the neck alone.