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    How do you deal with laundry?

    Not much laundry here. Once a week, occasionally twice seems to do it. I love the machine I have, it's a front loader, and uses little water and soap. Raising 5 boys was a joy (that's sarcasm) when it came to laundry. I was lucky to have a big freezer in my laundry room. I folded everyone's...
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    September 2019.... Please Share your Day...

    It was grocery day today. A few extras because there are a few extra people this weekend. The two NC grandchildren are being picked up shortly. I think they will have fun, as I have decorated the house for Halloween. I currently am wearing socks with skulls and spiders. Yes, I volunteered to be...
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    Another Leg of our Journey; Life in a rented Bungalow

    I didn't see any made with peach pits. That sounds interesting.
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    What have you bought recently?

    There's a birthday party for a one year old that the grandkids and I will be attending, so Amazon delivered a set of Winnie the Pooh board books. I think they'll be a hit.
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    Most recent unhealthy food I ate was...

    I love bratwurst! And caramel corn! (I found a recipe, to make it in the microwave. yum) I have ding dongs in the cupboard.
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    A happy day for us!

    Aww. How wonderful! That is a whole lotta kids. Wishing you many more!!
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    Losing Loved Ones to Dementia

    Dementia is rough. I have a special person that is just starting to go through the process, and I'm not sure how to deal with it. I have been a caregiver to people with dementia in the past, and it is a very hard disease to deal with, and I think there is no understanding it. All you can do is...
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    Are we addicted to our electronic gadgets?

    You sound like me. I make sure I have pockets in my shorts/pants so I can carry the darn thing around, and it never rings. But hey, it makes a great flashlight.
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    Are we addicted to our electronic gadgets?

    I don't like my cell phone. I'm always getting made fun of because I don't use it properly. Remember when we used to know everyone's phone number? That was cool. And we kept address books. I have my mom's purse, and she still had one in there. I bet my own children don't even know my phone...
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    In Scotland

    Oh I want to hear more! I've always wanted to visit Scotland!
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    September 2019.... Please Share your Day...

    have you tried a heating pad for the headache? I put one on the little knobby thing right under my neck, and it really helps. And the spiders. I hate spiders. Although I've put tons of them around the house for Halloween. I don't sound right, do I?
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    Another Leg of our Journey; Life in a rented Bungalow

    I remember those beer bottle curtains. I always thought they were cool. And the ones made out of beads. I wonder if I could get away with that now? I have sort of a boho thing going on at my house now.
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    On the road again.....Just can't wait to get on the road again..... I was corrected by my middle son that I had the lyrics to the song wrong. I really don't care. I like to sing very loudly. And very off key. I have some family members that think it's funny, and some that are very offended. Go...
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    Another Leg of our Journey; Life in a rented Bungalow

    Speaking of wine, have you seen the stuff you can make out of corks? My uncle had a really cool trivet he had made.
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    Shopping at Walmart- it's an experience.

    I used to enjoy going out with friends, and would shop at Walmart after. Sooo....I was a middle of the night shopper. It was awesome. Most of the time, I was the only customer there. I guess I should have considered that it was not a safe place to be, but I'm the type of person that my head is...