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    Another Teacher - Sex With Student, But....

    I think this is exactly the point, the balance of power. These boys may be "fully formed sexually" but certainly not emotionally, and no one can predict the long term effects.
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    Are you a better person than you were a year ago?

    @Aneeda72 OMG, reading your last post, I think our husbands were separated at birth - the whole mail issue nearly sent me over the edge. It's just hard for me now, because I miss him so much I'd welcome the Great Mail Debate. For years, I nagged him to please put the toilet seat down...never...
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    Are you a better person than you were a year ago?

    You're definitely a smart and perceptive lady. I wish I had learned what you know a long time ago. I would be thrilled and grateful if I still had my husband here, annoying habits and all. I don't know why some of that stupid stuff seemed so important to me at the time. Now, I would welcome...
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    Are you a better person than you were a year ago?

    January 6, 2020 đŸ˜‡ January 6, 2021 đŸ‘¿ Typical daily state of mind o_O
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    2021 - How's the Weather Where You Are

    The weather here is absurd. One day it's freezing, the next day it's up in the high 40s. We got about 10' of snow, then 2 extreme rainstorms that washed it all away. One day there's black ice on the roads, the next day people are jogging in shorts. It's been very rare to even catch a...
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    Do you think it is worth it to try to look younger

    After having had medically necessary surgeries for a hip replacement, knee replacement and breast cancer I CAN'T IMAGINE deciding to have surgery that wasn't medically necessary just to try to look younger. I'M NOT YOUNGER - why pretend? Who am I trying to fool. I got botox injections to...
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    The Inconvenience Store

    Kitty litter with just a tiny hole in the bag...a tiny hole means it won't give out until the moment you walk in your front door...
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    Is there a good place here to post short stories?

    Or maybe as a diary? You could post them in installments and keep us all waiting anxiously to see what happens. Looking forward to reading your writing...
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    House or car excepted.....what is the largest thing you own?

    My bed...but when my 22lb cat jumps onto my stomach at 2am, I want to say that SHE'S the largest object in this house...
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    Here's a question for you all...where was the friendliest or unfriendliest or darn right strange place you have ever lived in or at?

    Absolutely the friendliest place was Littleton, NH in the White Mountains. My husband and I spent a lot of summers there. We would be gone all winter, and our first day back when we went out to breakfast, the waitress would automatically bring me tea instead of coffee and ask my husband if he...
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    Bullies, and the excuses put forward for their behaviour

    Well said. I'm sick to death of all the analyzing and rationalizing and excusing. Bullies need to face the consequences of their own behavior. IMO, if there were more consequence facing in this world, society as a whole would be much better off.
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    Wife of Hillsong founder Bobbie Houston gives advice to women

    I had this discussion with my husband once, years ago. He said that what kept him interested and aroused on a long term basis was located in a woman's mind rather than in her "plumbing bits" (what my momma used to call "lady parts"). He always said, "Smart is sexy"...
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    Ever have tipping remorse?

    I don't go out to eat these days, but I tip the man who delivers my groceries and the man who picks up and delivers my laundry very generously. The way I feel is that these people are basically risking their own health to provide me a service. I have no idea what I'd do without their...
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    Online Shopping Rant

    For some reason, I have NEVER had a good online shopping experience at Barnes and Noble. I had a gift card and I gave it to my sister because I was in danger of losing my mind entirely trying to deal with what they advertised but didn't have. If something is advertised as being on sale...
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    Who Do You Talk To When You Live Alone?

    And let me offer a resounding YES! to that sentiment...