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    Today Just Like Any Other Day At The Grocery Store

    I did not go to Costco...too crowded and now paranoid about being around too many people. Have ordered a few things from Costco online. Had a birthday dinner for my wife on Google Hangout where are kids participated though on line video chat...pretty cool but pretty depressing as they live...
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    Today Just Like Any Other Day At The Grocery Store

    Our grocery store in Chicago was out of 25% of what we needed. Plenty of fresh produce, salmon, milk and eggs but out of bread, frozen fruit, fresh chicken and beef. May make the trek to Costco today...
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    How far can the stock market fall?

    Boeing, United Airlines, Verizon, JP Morgan...all on sale!
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    What is everyone doing for exercise when gyms close down?

    When the work out room closed in our building I started to panic. It is still cold in Chicago but I put on my big boy pants and ran outside 3 times this week on the lakefront that is still all messed up from winter storms. For inside workouts I was struggling but decided to walk the stairs of...
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    How far can the stock market fall?

    I am still all in but down 25% this year. It is certainly scary but as they say the market is no place for the timid. I have put a little in every day the market goes down 1,000 points. We could go down another 25% but life will return to normal at some point in the next six months. I would...
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    Market Volatility

    How do you know when to get back in?
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    Market Volatility

    That is the best time to buy..."when there is blood in the streets"!
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    Market Volatility

    Human nature is that most investors buy high and sell low
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    Market Volatility

    Stay the course! I put more money to work on Friday…another scary day. Here is a good message from the CEO of Vanguard. I highly recommend Vanguard as they have many options and site is very easy to navigate. I have been using since the 1980’s. Hi, I’m Tim Buckley, Vanguard’s CEO. These are...
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    Dow falls 1,191 points -- the most in history

    Down more than 10% It is scary out there and everyone is expecting the worse…schools and factories closed, no one going work…no goods from China…no one even shopping in China. There are no guarantees but I see some green shoots… Starbucks is opening 85% of their stores in China A couple of...
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    Dry Cornbread Try these...I made them on Super Bowl Sunday and the crowd loved them
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    My Favorite Bakery!

    Davis Bakery in Cleveland where they make the amazing Russian Tea Biscuits and Coconut Bars!
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    2020 Stocks Start Off With A Nice Gain.

    this-is-how-to-start-investing-in-the-stock-market Saw a good video posted on Josh Brown says we should have three things in mind when investing: Set goals Start reading about the...
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    Garlic, Food From The Gods?

    When I started to cook I would always crush garlic in one of those hand held presses but slowly but surely have leaned how to slice, mince and smash garlic. I start to shake when I am running low so I always have at least a 1/2 a head in eye site at all times. I am sure a chef would laugh at...
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    Good Morning, Good Evening, Good Night #3

    Yesterday morning from frigid Chicago