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    2020 Bucket List

    My plan is to go camping and hike a bit.
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    Darn Those Statins!

    If you are having chest, shoulder, arm, jaw pain - GO TO THE ER.
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    Doing less and less holiday decorating with each passing year

    I stopped all the decorating when my kid was grown and gone. Makes life so much easier.
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    Considering Emigration or Retire Overseas?

    For cost of living check this site. I use it when we are planning a long vacation and need to budget.
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    Considering Emigration or Retire Overseas?

    Look at Spain or Portugal. Low cost of entry, smaller income threshold. After a year you can apply for permanent residency. Once you have residency you can move anywhere in the EU. I would highly recommend spending 3 months in a country you are considering (90 days is the longest time a US...
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    4 burgers and the whole deal goes negative.
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    Can you Dance?

    Yes, I can dance. No lessons. Danced this past Saturday, rock & roll.
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    Everything you own, owns you. Store it, dust it, wash it, hang it up, move it around, takes up space.
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    Pushing the Limits

    I have always pushed limits. There have always been limits in my life. Women couldn't get a car loan without a husband or father to co-sign. Women didn't travel alone. Women could not be managers. Women did not buy a house by themselves or live in the city center alone. Women shouldn't own a...
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    Those stupid Californians building home in a forest.

    I live in Phoenix, just a desert. No forest to burn. No earthquakes. No tornadoes. (ok tiny ones once in a great while) A bit of flooding in the washes during monsoon rains. We have great dust storms. :)
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    So, what is your average retired week like?

    This is our 4th student. We take breaks of a few years between kids usually. This time we are hosting for the 2nd yr in a row. I really enjoy being a mom. Rotary has a program and STS is another one. They are always looking for host parents. You don't need to be a couple, single parents are...
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    So, what is your average retired week like?

    Monday is laundry. Sorting out from the weekend. Tuesday is small cleaning, gyros with a few of the neighbors then wine on my patio. Wednesday is laundry and more cleaning. Thursday is whatever. Friday is going to Salon at a neighbors or Happy Hour at our house or doing something with a...
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    It sounds like we will be losing power for a few days

    No need to store gas after the all clear. Pour it in your car's gas tank. Fuel will go bad after several months. Best to get new as needed.
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    Socializing an older dog

    Perhaps you could muzzle the dog and see how it goes at the dog park. Use the muzzle for very short, only a minute to start with, at home for a month. Start slow and build up the time. If you take the dog for walks, use the muzzle so she thinks of it as a good thing. A treat when you take it off...