A new day...

That sounds like a good plan, Marci.
Remember to increase extremely gradually though.

Very glad you got some extra sleep, and the x-ray showed some improving.
The pain level comes and goes. I think later I'm gonna try to take a hot bath. See how I feel after that. We're supposed to get rain off and on so maybe a bath will be nice. This morning's first little coughing spell didn't hurt as bad as yesterday's. I will be careful. I promise. :)

Edit: As I sat here typing this the knot in my back has loosened some on it's own. Let's hope that's progress.
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This was in my email from Science News. I think it's interesting. It's talking about a new way to give the shots to help folks with allergies.

The latest science​

Vaccine allergies

Severe allergic reactions to Pfizer’s and Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccines are rare, affecting 2.5 to 11.5 people out of every million who get a jab. Now, researchers think they know why some of those reactions happen, and they’re learning how to give the shots safely to avoid issues when these same folks go for their second dose.

The allergic reactions may be due to polyethylene glycol, or PEG, a substance used to stabilize the nanoparticles that encase the mRNA in the shots. Skin tests of a woman who had an anaphylactic reaction to the Pfizer vaccine revealed that she is allergic to some forms of PEG, including the type used in the mRNA-based vaccines, researchers report April 6 in Clinical & Experimental Allergy. The woman had a history of allergic reactions to shower gels, shampoos, toothpaste and drugs that contain PEG, leading researchers to suspect the substance as the source of her allergic reaction to the vaccine. Some people who are allergic to PEG might also have a reaction to polysorbate 80, an ingredient in the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, the researchers note.

But there still might be a safe way for people with allergic reactions to the vaccines to get their shots, another study suggests. Two health care workers who each had anaphylactic reactions to their first doses of the Moderna vaccine still wanted to complete their vaccination. Both women were given the second dose as a series of five shots every 15 minutes, gradually building up to the full dose. One woman had no allergic reaction. The other had some itchiness after a couple of the doses, but it went away, and she developed no more serious symptoms. Those results indicate that people with the rare allergies to the vaccine may be able to get the shots safely if the jabs are broken down into smaller doses, researchers report April 6 in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

I get the feeling some people think this virus is gonna magically disappear. But I think it's off in the background gathering strength for a comeback with a vengeance. People need to stop thinking everything is gonna be just peachy when we're all vaccinated. There are many places seeing huge spikes in the numbers due to the strains. The more people are allowed to travel and huddle in large groups the more strains we're gonna see according to what I heard on the news this morning.

You might as well accept the fact that this thing isn't going away and you better come to terms with it. Otherwise you're gonna be in a world of hurt. Yes it would be dandy if we could get back to normal but I honestly don't think we're gonna see NORMAL ever again.
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It's been a busy day on the island. Got my campsite set up except for a log I need. I might have to make a different log bench to swap from another area. I'm trying to get a 5 star island. I have been a flower planting...fence making fool today. I gotta start connecting everything with paths and the paths are gonna need 9000 flowers. Oy! LOL
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It was nice because one of my gaming friends came to visit my island and shop. He usually sits with me on the patio and we message back and forth. It's nice. He became unemployed when COVID hit and he's just now got an email to apply for a job. I hope he gets it. I'm sure unemployment sucks. There's not one place that COVID won't touch before we're done.
you know...since the beginning of the pandemic there has been 2 opposite opinions on all of it. yes it can be picked up off a surface
no it can't

yes it can be spread at less than 6ft
then it was more than 6ft

masks work
no they don't

places that are open with no restrictions are doing better
i hear reports on the radio about brazil's numbers skyrocketing every day

the vaccines are safe
no they're not

the vaccines work
no they don't

i mean WTH people? how can group a tell group b without a shadow of a doubt that one or the other isn't true? for all we know the "powers that be" could be screwing with us and our lives and we'd never really know for sure. kinda like that area 51 crap. they can't even tell us for sure where this virus came from. the story keeps changing. somebody is lying. somebody is covering up. but the fact remains that people are getting sick and dying. as a nation we need to get our proverbial chit together and stay home and follow the damned guidelines when your out regardless of what your state or county mandates. we are all in this together because we are all responsible for whether or not we all survive. and to tell yourself anything different is just foolish.

i'm gonna take another break from SF for a while. plus a few other sites i'm on cuz frankly i'm just about sick of the internet right now. stay safe and see you soon.
Morning *sips coffee*

Might be going back to work this week. We'll see what the doc says tomorrow. Wish this was retirement. LOL! I hate the idea of having to go back. I'm having such a nice time at home sleeping and stuff.

I've been working on my game island trying to get it to a 5 star standard. It's not easy to decorate every little space but I've been looking at other peoples islands for ideas. Since I cleared out all the upper levels except for where my home is and where I placed the Statue of Liberty it's easier to maintain. It gets weeds and there's always something on the ground like branches and stuff. Now it's a much easier sweep with less places for the crap to be. LOL

There was an island fishing tourney yesterday. I managed all 3 trophies. And a new specimen for my museum.

Off to visit the game section...


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Ok this time I really am taking a break from the forum. This place is getting too crazy for me. I'll be back at some point. I think I wanna wait till things settle down some. This is just too unpleasant.

Have a party in here while I'm gone or something. LOL!
Sorry that you've decided to take a break, hope you decide to look in again soon. You can always PM me if you want


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just dropping in to do some housekeeping in here *looks at ignore list* i think it's gonna keep getting longer at the rate things are going.

just an update: @Shalimar & @Glowworm i appreciate the well wishes. had my follow up today and get to finally return to work the 19th (next monday). relieved. sick of sitting here.

cya all when i cya
Awww, @MarciKS , are you going to be healed by that date? I hope and pray so. Hugs!
I don't know what happened here that upset you Marci but I hope the break you take helps you out. I'm glad to hear you are healing up good💝
I'll be ok. ;)
It's just nice to sit back for a couple days & ignore the drama. LOL!

I'm almost 100% again. I go back the 19th so I'm gonna spend the next few days resting. I haven't done anything in a month and a half so yesterday I got winded just going across the parking lot. LOL! I'm sure a few days at work will cure some of that. I usually feel better once I'm up and on the go for a bit. The boss is gonna call me when the schedule comes out to let me know what I'm working.

One lady had a heart attack. She'd been out for months and she tried to come back but it must not have worked out because she is now out for good. I know they're anxious for me to return. There's been a lot going on while I was away.

Listening to a little jazz and eating a little lunch. Excited about the prospect of a nap later. LOL! It's only gonna be 60 degrees today.

Our Covid count is going back up again and they're fixing to discuss the mask mandate at the next city commission meeting. I think we're gonna be in a vicious cycle for a while.