Aging in Place - Have you made preparations?

I've been giving some thought into getting rid of a bathtub/shower combo and installing a low entry shower stall. But it would be in the hall bath, which I've heard is a bad idea when you go to sell the house. Most families want a bathtub in the hall bath for the kids, not in their master bedroom. But the master bath in our house is my husband's bathroom (it's very small) and my bathroom is the hall bath, and I'm the one that wants the shower conversion.

At this point, I'm not sure I should be concerned about resale since I plan to never leave this house until forced to. Shower conversion kits have come a long way in recent years and some are really stunning, but I just don't know if people still think they're tacky and will hurt resale value.

I keep thinking I should make the house convenient for me, not the next owner, but I don't want to destroy the home's value either. What to do...what to do???
Update: I went ahead with the shower conversion and I love it! I got a rain shower head plus a hand held sprayer, 3 shelves, 2 grab bars, and a fold down teak seat. The only problem I ran into was the shower curtain. The shower pan is sloped toward the drain so the shower curtain is fine on the deep end but crumples up on the shallow end.

I would have gone with glass doors, but I didn't want to clean them all the time, plus it was more than I could afford. So I mess with the shower curtain all the time. Oh, well. Other than that, it was a good decision and I'm sure I'll appreciate it even more when my mobility gets more limited.

My realtor told me that bathtubs are being fazed out so when we had renovations done, we had a shower put in the main bathroom upstairs and had the tub taken out. We were afraid hubby would trip getting out of a tub/shower because of his injured ankle. I guess I'll find out in the future how that affected the value of the house. We did it for our convenience and safety.
I think that makes sense. Years ago, I had always heard that for re-sale value, a house with only 1 bathroom better have ideally both shower & tub, if not then a tub because more people back then wanted tubs, because of adults that needed to sit while bathing, etc.

So the other day, when I saw a house for sale here that only had 1 bathroom with just a large walk-in shower, I at first thought about the old saying it needed both or at least just a tub and then I thought, that shower is large enough that you could put a shower chair in there (even a wheelchair would've fit in that particular shower) or heck, even a kids wading pool a kid or pet could sit in.

So I bet your realtor's right.
My wife had the same concern about getting in & out of a tub. That became a project for me. Removing the tub was easy. Hardest part was cutting a channel in the cement floor to allow enough height for the drain. Once the drain tubing was in place cementing the channel to floor level took some ingenuity.


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