Are you going to stop wearing a mask now?


My state will stop requiring mask wearing within a few days, so of course I'll stop. I don't wear one outside any more, and when it's allowed, will stop wearing it indoors as well. I feel reasonably safe because I've had the vaccine.


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šŸ˜Š We often credit whatever we do or don't do for good or bad results.
I haven't had the flu for 39 years & I've never had a flu shot. Guess what I might say if I had flu shots?

Well, some of us are fortunate in that way. I have had the flu once, never again. I have asthma and respiratory conditions that are worsened by flu and/or colds. I get an annual flu shot and will continue to use hand sanitizer. To each his own I guess.


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I have as of this past Monday, unless there is a posting before I enter a building that requests otherwise.


Abbigail Bugenske is the first winner in Ohio's million dollar vaccination lottery!

I'm glad someone got something good from all this.

Also her name tickles me, it sounds like something my father would have called me to tease me.

On topic: My state, Ohio, is officially free from restrictions on June 2nd, but I may keep wearing mine to crowded public places.


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I still have to wear a mask when I see my doctor, and so does she. What I like about that is, she can't tell I'm lying when I say I quit smoking.

Actually I did quit a few years ago, just not for very long.