Diets, Decaf & Other Dubious Deeds

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Choosing to be happy isn't always easy. After years and years of being ridiculed everywhere I went because of the Tourette Syndrome, I was a bitter & hateful mess. What should've ended any possibility of joy in my life only managed to make me stronger. The joy came from Jesus.
It isn't easy to wake up each day and choose to smile and be kind. One has to put forth the effort. It's especially difficult when your audience is less than receptive. But, I have learned over time that if you overlook those little things and just go in and smile and greet all equally that over time, some will soften toward you. It's interesting to see. After 3 long yrs I have a coworker who is finally coming around a little. Despite the fact that I rub him the wrong way. So, when you get discouraged, keep your chin up & keep trying.

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Wanna know what Kansas looks like? Here it is. This is it. For miles on end. I have been here my entire life. Never had much desire to see other places or live anywhere else. I am finally in a town that has more services to offer which helps considerably. However right now, some stuff is shut down. But, for the most part living here is better than the small town scene. I just miss the peace & quiet of small town life. Gonna check one more post then go lay down.

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I just love cats and this one is sooooooooo pretty. Look at those eyes! We all have different ideas of what beauty looks like. I'm always intrigued by what others find beautiful. To each his own ya know. I started a thread in General Discussions called Eye of the beholder. Come share with me your idea of beauty there. For me it's like having a peek in someone's brain. Plus I think it's nice to fill ones mind with lovely images to make up for all the awful things we see every day.

I am finally starting to feel better and actually sleeping. Still feel like crap but, @ least doing better.
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Pet Peeves...we've all got them.

For me, one of my biggest ones is @ work. We work in food service. The rule is, if it's going directly into someone's mouth, you MUST be wearing GLOVES. So, when I see coworkers who know it's a no-no picking at something bare handed because they wanna sample bite, it makes me wanna slap their hands with a rubber spatula.

Another thing that irks me is the people at the stores who are too lazy to be bothered with putting their basket in the corrals when they're done shopping. They just leave them wherever willie nillie. Apparently they figure if it's someone's job to collect them then let them. They don't care that it presents a hardship on the folks who gotta go all over to collect them.

Then there's the folks who haven't learned to order their food properly. First of all, don't talk to us in a whisper. Speak up for crying out loud so we can hear your order over all the equipment running behind us. If it's behind glass, please don't just point at it. Tell us what you are looking at because many times we are blocked by shelves or containers these things are in and we can't see what you're pointing at. And be specific. It's incredibly time consuming and stupid on your part to make us have to play 20 questions with you. If you want a burger with everything...tell us that. Don't make us have to ask. If you want 2 pieces of dark meat chicken, don't just ask for chicken when you can clearly see we have 3 or 4 kinds of chicken. Do you just want the chicken or do you want a meal? And for the love of all that is sacred, READ THE MENU BOARD! Can't tell you how old it gets when there's a menu board & people spend 8 hrs. glancing at it & then asking, "whatcha got here today?" Those boards are there for a reason. Use them. I ain't your momma!! LOL

Got any pet peeves you'd like to share?
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I fear I may have upset some folks I care about on FB because...well...I decided that as a healthcare worker the odds are great that I could get the virus. If I do, I doubt I will survive. So, I decided I had stuff to say in case I didn't get a chance. So, I poured out my soul on my page to let people know how I felt. Especially when it's possible I might never see them again. I'm hoping it won't come to that but, nonetheless, I don't want to die and not ever have said what I wanted to say. I haven't gone to check and see if they're upset with me. I will tomorrow. It's my life. I believe we have a right to choose how we're gonna live it and deal with things that we have a right to deal with. I'm sure some of them think I'm panicking but I'm not. Just saying what I gotta say in case I don't get the chance. Hopefully they've understood.
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Just a section from my website I wanted to share.

Psalm 62:5 NLT

Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in Him.

I think my heart needs this verse right now. It is difficult to wait quietly in the face of fear. God knew that & He sent the holy spirit to comfort us.

“When we have gone into the furnace of affliction, His hand is on the thermostat and His eye is on the clock.” ~Anonymous

God allows hardship, and as a result, we become stronger believers, wiser servants, and more humble people. But He stays by our side through the entire experience, sustaining us and limiting the intensity and duration of our distress. The Spirit’s reassuring whisper to our heart gives more comfort than the solace of family or the encouragement of friends. (Dr. Charles Stanley)

As we walk through this period in time & try to cope with the horror of it all, this verse can offer great comfort. This is a difficult time for all of us. Some of us handle things better than others. Right now, we need to be loving & supportive of each other. We need to encourage one another. We need to focus on keeping busy so as not to upset ourselves with all the unfolding events. We need to rely on God. He is our maker & our keeper. He is in control & no matter how scared we may be, there isn't a thing we can do ourselves to stop or control this situation. All we can do is just pray & fight to get through it. It is hard to put your trust in God when you are terrified. I understand that. But, I also believe that this is how He works to show people that they need Him. There is no life without Him. He is trying to draw you near & ask you to be part of His family. Are you going to listen? Are you going to continue to turn away and say no? How far do you think that will get you? I keep being told that the bible is just a fairy tale. I don't agree. But, do you really want to take the chance of being wrong end & up being separated from God for all eternity? Or will you use this virus as a chance to reach out to the Savior who only wants to love you & keep you?

Today I pray that in the face of this horrible & fearful time that God will give me the strength to wait quietly before Him and hope.
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Sometimes I regret getting the internet because no matter what a person posts, it just seems like there's always someone right there to pick it apart. I understand now why people do so much lurking and so little participating. It's very frustrating.
Yes, whatever I may post may not be right but, geez! Can't say or do anything online or in real life that someone isn't all over it telling a person how wrong they are. I gotta say it's very disappointing. Perhaps I need to just lurk and post stuff that is uncommunicative from now on.
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I lived in Kansas. My dad was born on a dirt farm in Kansas so I am familiar with it. About ten years ago my older half sister and I visited all the graves of our relatives that we could find. One was in a very small town, hidden down a dirt road, along a river.

Visiting the grave of my great grandmother was like coming home. It gave me the greatest sense of peace-as if she had been waiting there for me.

I don‘t understand your fear. I’m not afraid of dying in terms of myself. In fact, I sometimes look forward to it as the release from the chronic severe pain I am frequently in. What is it you mostly fear? I’m curious.

I think the only difference between the internet and in person, is people on the internet say things to your “face”, where in real life people say things behind your back. I will say I don’t always understand your writings. But I get easily confused.

What exactly is your job in health care? Do you work directly with virus infected people? How many people in your area have the virus? Our cases are still low, IMO. Feel better soon.


I looked it up for you. Kansas has 172 cases, statewide. Utah, where I am, 396.

New York City 39,140.

While I think we all have to be concerned, I think people in our states, and states like ours have no great need to be fearful. But that’s just my opinion. I am not a person who scares easily.