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Strange but interesting, to call it "risk adverse problem" …..I too would not have had any idea what that meant, and might have thought it had to do with injury risks.....o_O

Also intriguing idea from Bonnie, that his brother's situation might have indeed rubbed off, as he may have seen and learned his brother's overly cautious play, or possibly even had been told by him to be careful not to throw....:unsure:

There is a lot to that I think @Kaila .. Get this! .... when David would go to practices for the Texans, odd, but very true, it was a "family affair". .. their father drove David, and brought Derek along, to every darn weekly practice the team had... like they were little kids!
The coach didn't like it one bit, but no one told the dad to get out, and the other players on the team had plenty of jokes about it!
Everyone talked about it.

But anyway, Derek grew up on the sidelines of that situation, and it had to make an impression on him. He was in Jr. High at the time.

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BB is singing the praises of Cam Newton-you have to watch BB he will
put out smoke screes.
Newton's in no longer young, but with a coach like BB to protect his QB, he may be a darn good QB.
Newton was a world beater for almost three season, what happened?
Yes, he had physical problems, but he also lost his confidence.
He can be obtained cheap; can BB restore Newton to his former-don't underestimate BB.


XFL players can be signed by NFL teams, starting tomorrow, Monday March 23rd.
Let's see if any do.
(Like the rest of you, I am not really interested either, but I am trying to do anything to hold onto my mental health and some balance of focuses, right now)
P.J. Walker , QB, to Pats?
Guess the Panthers were more interested .. he signed with them.

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😨Anxious, you bet-it has rained in Dallas for 11 nights, outside is nasty, would
like to go set outside, anything to break the tedium.
Bonnie how close are you to Houston, which was a hotspot, now it appears
to be Dallas.
Live in Kaufman County, next door to Dallas-we have zero cases
BUT we have no testing devises, that seems to be a good method of
having zero cases of the virus:sick:

Watch golf channel, it is a good sleeping drug.

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BB was singing praises of Cam Newton as a reclamation project.
Newton (age 3o) was released by Panthers, yet, I see nothing
about BB making an attempt to sign him.

I'm wondering how many qb's BB is going to bring in for a look-see.
He is excellent at getting one or two seasons out of what other teams had cast off.
(The Yankees used to do that and did it well.)

With Brady gone, we will not see who was the more important to the teams success, BB or Brady.

Only 5-6 months to go...
(This is a heck of a note, I'm sitting here wondering what a bunch of millionaires are going to do next season-dumb, dumb, dumb.)
Derek Carr, current QB for Raiders, is actually the best in the NFL on third-down situations. I watch all the Raiders and Niners games, and the biggest issue for Carr is that he's had three different offensive coaches and three different offenses to run - in three years. There has been no consistency for him, and unfortunately no QB does well under those circumstances.

He's not a top tier QB but is a good solid QB with an average receiver corps, an unexpected good rookie RB in 2019, and an overpaid coach who is about half as good as Raiders owner Mark Davis thinks he is. Marcus Mariota is an interesting FA signing to be a back-up QB. I think Mariota will fit better into Gruden's limited-concept offense, and Carr could do better elsewhere if he gets the right situation.

Tom Brady need not worry about endorsement money to put food on the table. His new Bucs contract guarantees $50M with an additional $9 in bonuses for the first year

However, his net worth is much less than his wife Gisele Bundchen. Brady was worth about $180M before his Bucs contract.

Bundchen, however, is THE most successful super-model ever. Her net worth is estimated at a minimum of $360M. So she is two-thirds of their net worth!

jerry old

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can't resist-who pays the bills in the
Brady-Bundchen household, probably doesn't matter:
'Which account is our bookkeeper paying the bill from?"
"Does it matter?"
Carr, if he is not already ruined, he soon will be-you must have consistency:
Remember Favre and Holmgrem in Green Bay;
Favre's crazed coach in Atlanta had this country bunking so confused he couldn't tie his shoes. Holmgrem tolerate
Favre's mistakes, knew the boy had talent.
He had to deprogram him and start over.

So, I wonder if Carr can be salvaged. His brother got so beat
up in Houston that he was all used up.

I've never understood Gruden's appeal, he is an average coach, but general managers like him(?).


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I'm catching up, looking at these posts, one by one.

@jerry old Yes, we all agree it's a useless, dull topic, but we are desperate, so it's justifiable.:ROFLMAO:

Therefore.... i've heard the talk about Cam Newton to Pats, but I cannot picture he and BB getting along with each other. :ROFLMAO:
Cam's publicly projected image is over=the-top ostentatious and self-centered...and very free with his public tweeting comments..... not things BB does or looks favorably at.
I dont know about the football aspects of that possible match.

Brady's back-up last year was a rookie (J. Stidham) that BB drafted. I don't know if BB thinks he will grow into a star or not.

Good to see you again, @Lethe200
will read your post next.


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Those are very interesting comments about D. Carr QB, and about that team, the changes, and Mariota being there for the new back-up.

That money in Brady's contract is something! A lot for him now, but true, not something he actually needs.
Perhaps he only continues to play, so as not to be even more shown up by his wife's income? 🙃:sneaky:


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Yes, that is right;
Carolina Panthers signed the XFL QB named P.J. Walker,
as a back up, for Teddy Bridgewater, who they got for their new starter . Bridgewater had been Drew Breez's back-up on the Saints, last season, and played very well when Breez had to take some games off.
So then, Panthers released Cam Newton. He is a free agent, as of now.

To make things more confusing, there is a different XFL player with same last name of Walker, who recently got taken by a different NFL team. He is a tackle, maybe defense, I cant remember, but not a QB.

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Hey K! How are y'all doing? Ok I hope.

I'm betting $10,000 on Green Bay, 31-25. Do you think that's a wise bet?

jerry old

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well we can pick divisional playoffs

the biggie is pats, will they make playoffs
(the jets are showing signs of life, bills almost a shoo-in for
repeat in playoffs-will they win?)

Tampa Bay? will brady have any effect with teaching these guys how to win?

Toughest division in nfc has become 49's, seattle, la, and cardinals. They can become a copy of nfc east-beat the heck out of other teams, them flop, fall down, become mystified in conference games-dallas, eagles, redskins and giants.

have been rooting for browns and cincy (can't spell cinnicatia , cinicinatia, cinncinita cinnicinita atia )
for several years, no reason (one last try: cinniciatatia can't get
close enough for spell right of sf to find it)


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It is difficult to look forward to something that happened in 2007, isn't it? :cool:

I might bet an old T-shirt on it..... because, gosh knows, i have no memeory of how that game turned out! :rolleyes::LOL:

I know Eli Manning did win one for them.....hmmm.... there was the year that the Pats won 16-0, regular season, but then lost the Superbowl....don't know if that was the year or not.....

I guess i wouldnt say, even if i remembered, since OldD is trying to get good wagers on the game.

Good luck finding someone to take it on, @Old Dummy :)

None of us are that.....mmmm...... :rolleyes::giggle::sneaky:

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Tampa Bay signed Gronk, now he and Brady can do what they
used to do-maybe?
Brady is 41, going on 42 (?), Gronk?
is only 31 y/o, all very strange.


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Brady turns a year older, (will be 43?) in August , can't remember exactly, but before season starts, I think,
IF it ever starts....

Gronk has been injured badly many times, and spent ALL of last year "retired" ….

but both obviously very talented, so who knows...what they will do...if anyone does anything at all.

I agree, very strange that bit of sports news.....
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The coverage of the NFL draft has become ridiculous;
All four networks are carrying clips on draft on their national
and local newscast.
Fox will carry the draft LIVE tonight!

I'm a fan, but overkill?
It's a game folks, just a game, wait until they actually start the season-I don't need to be drowned in who's who, and what's what, in April.