I am introducing a post for your photographs with the theme - Seen Better Days

When I took this picture a week ago a lady drove past and stopped in front of my car.
She alighted from her car holding her hand up in a stop gesture. She came up to my window, "Why are you photographing this house? What is your purpose"?
"Why would you care if I am photographing an old house"? I respond.
"I am the owner"
"When I see derelict and dilapidated objects I like to photograph them."
"Oh, so you do it for a hobby"?
"Ok, you can go now"
What pretentiousness

This worn out cottage on acreage has Seen Better Days.
These photos were taken with our first ever tiny digital camera in 2006 that had a whopping 4 g memory card :):)The camera cost us $750 ( we still have it )

We was travling in our caravan then just prior to having our new home built

This is in this tiny town in New South Wales ( Aust) IMG_5587.jpeg
We happened to visit the town on Father’s Day , we stopped to go to the toilet and ended up there for 3 days because the whole town had a Father’s Day function on including a bbq at the local tennis courts , so we got invited to the BBQ as well , …and footy kicking completion to see if anyone could kick a football over the wheat silos
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