Junk from the cellar


Even as an adult I'd be curious enough to get a crowbar and force the drawers open.
Me too. I can’t believe that’s been in her house untouched for all these years. An ax. A crowbar, a hack saw, circular saw, jigsaw to cut through the nails.

Geez! You’d think Deb would open it up just for her loyal followers here. 😙😅 LoL.


Do you open your holiday gifts as soon as you get them?

Anyone that wants to come to my dank cellar and try to open the drawers is welcome. :LOL:

I have loyal followers? :unsure:
Do I open holiday gifts soon as I get them? Of course!

Ok you’re about a 9 hour drive so I’ll see you next week. What day is good for you?😁

I hope my brownies make it over the border. 😋

Hey! Maybe I could go with you to see the new house. 😁

Ellen Marie

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I was considering saving them for my yard sale, but people are so fussy these days. The racks I could use to display clothing. I haven't even scratched the surface cleaning the cellar. There are several large stoneware pieces down there that might be worth something (to a collector). One has the likemess of George Washington on it. It was made in 1932 - his birth bicentennial.

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There are people who would love these.... for making fermented foods.... like sauerkraut or beer.... My dad had a large crock for making homebrew.

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Several large clothes racks (my mom always dried the clothes in the cellar next to the furnace in winter). Two galvanized pails. Two galvenized tubs (one is pretty rusty but holds water - these would be okay for container gardening) and a spirit level.

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I have one of those racks and still use it, if not the clothes line this is great. I drag it out on the deck and still get the air dried stuff...
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I guess my cellar cleaning project is put off again for another week. Garbage pick up today and I immediately filled the can back to the brim with branches and leaves from the Isaias storm blow-down. It's probably REALLY wet down there now anyway with all the rain yesterday.