Just Got A Shocker From My Doctor Today!


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Southern AZ
Sometimes I do wonder what the stress of going to doctors for tests does to our bodies. Too many docs, too much stress, too much exaberated illness?
When I had my last mammogram, eons ago, they called and said I needed to go for another one, doctor saw ''something'' that needed to be checked. Good thing appt was for next day, but I was a total mess thinking I had breast cancer. Turned out to be nothing.

Jackie Blue

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Houston Texas
Wow! If that were my doctor I'd drop him like a hot rock and find a new PCP. If he's that clueless on basic stuff like this, I can't imagine that he's a very skilled diagnostician! :eek:
I agree.
Is she even sure it was truly her doc office calling? If it really was - sounds like they were fishing for more INCOME....ain't nothin' test-wise that's mandatory for Medicare. They have that list of available wellness tests, but that's all "if you wanna" stuff.