Post a favourite photo your took yourself

This dogs was snoozing on a sunny day on the roof of a Narrowboat....

This picture is one of my all time favourites that I took by sheer chance.

The sun was very low in the sky on a very sunny day.. and this canoe was there with no-one around.. the light was just right and I took the photo...
...within minutes the light changed and the owner of the boat arrived and loaded it on his car... a few minutes either way and I would have missed this shot which remains one of my all time favourites out of the thousands I've taken..

Very heavy-duty looking. What vintage do you suppose the are, Holly?
Good question.... D'you know, I think they might be last century Spanish.. :unsure: . given that they're at her Spanish home... I've never thought to ask her tbh..I must remember and ask her.. all that said she also I do have similar keys (copies) to Nelson Mandella's prison cell.. after visiting South Africa...