Post a favourite photo your took yourself

My dog "Bella" as a Happy Cloud, Frolicking over Treetops
White Pomeranian-Poodle viewed from my Picture Window

I'm just sitting at my desk looking out my window at my Backyard
which I do everyday. I often see intriguing things in the sky but this
Lone Cloud took my breath away. My iPhone14 was lying right next to me.
I was afraid to take the time to go outside as clouds change so quickly
so I took the photo right through the windowpane

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Grey squirrel in a local park. Enticed with a packet of 'monkey nuts' I bought from a supermarket.

The squirrel took the nut from my hand as I was sitting on the grass and ran off with it. Only to come back down from the tree a little later to do the whole thing again.

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Adelaide football oval that holds 53.000 for football matches , it’s also used for huge concerts when the likes of Rolling Stones come to South Aust . ( it’s in the city of Adelaide )
You’d no doubt know this area @Pinky
The oval has a unusual addition added to the front ( a motel ) the brown area , the back of it overlooks the oval so you can attended a function or football match with out leaving your room
this was taken mid winter with my iPhone 12 while we was out walking