So what does one do with their time?


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At first you feel guilty. You SHOULD be working. Something feels unnatural. But soon, you're no longer governed by clocks or by money. You're just YOU! There is nothing to prove to anyone. You read, if you want to, you paint, if you want to. listen to music, if you want to. You have time to move at your own pace. You are at once, limitless, boundless, infinite. You're not resigning to old age. You can now become the real you.
Expand your mind. Indulge in your interests. Do whatever you want!
It can be scary to leave one identity for another, but it can also be invigorating once the new identity of a retiree takes hold.


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I retired at age 53 in 2003 from a full time job with the state government. After sitting at home for 2-3 years I decided to return to work on a
part-time basis. After 11 years of part-time work I decided to call it quits and am now fully retired. I'm not much into physical activity due to my deteriorating knees. I miss walking daily but I just can't do it anymore. I went to a gym several days a week which I enjoyed. They had to close due to Covid and even though they have reopened, my Dr. discouraged me about the safety of going back any time soon. So I piddle at home, play with the dogs, read, watch tv, play computer games, do family genealogy research, etc. Having always been somewhat of a loner I have not missed social activities much. If it gets unbearably monotonous staying at home I'll jump in the car and drive around a little bit.