The 50s And 60s Was The Best Era For Music. Oh! Yes It Was!

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Ok, that is very nice. What you people are missing are the lovely instruments that I love. You don't have them anymore. I am talking about the following instruments: Ranchy by Bill Justis, Sail Along Silvery Moon, Third Man Theme, Wheels by Billy Vaughan, Poor People of Paris, Midnight in Moscow, etc. There is nothing like this today.
Loved Billy Vaughan. His "Lights Out" was my wife's and my "dance to" tune! Ah, the good old days when you still danced close, so romantic! Don't worry I don't reminisce that often especially since I also remember all the toes I stepped on. :D


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Tab Hunter's version. The only one Ive ever known and listening again to it wonder if he hit a wrong note at times but still love it.



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I like 50's music, but not mid-late 60's music.
I agree with you here. For me personally it went downhill from about 1964. I liked the Beatles but didnt like their Flower Power and drug orientated songs like Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds etc.

I liked from the 50's Rock n Roll and pop up to the mid 60's music and lost a bit of interest from then on