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Whimsical Scrabble flooring in the bathroom built by Cedric and Kathie Lo of Vancouver, Canada. There are approximately 7,000 Scrabble tiles on the floor, each individually laid by the owner.

The actual installation of the tiles took two full days to complete. Entire floor was designed beforehand, and there are approximately 60 words that are hidden in the floor. The words include cities they have lived in, family members’ names and inside jokes.


Each day I learn something new at this site. I've never seen or heard of a black apple.


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Marilyn Monroe's I.Q. is not known. The rumor began in 2013 and she was already dead for decades. I Call BS!

(1) This “fact” did not appear until over 50 years after MM’s death.
(2) No sources are ever cited.
(3) IQ tests were not routinely given during the time of MM’s early education, nor is there any record of when or reason why or she would have taken a test.
Einstein never tested for an IQ either. But we don't need to call BS...after all, if it's on the Internet, it must be true! 🤣

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It's Illegal to Chew Gum in Singapore​

If you've ever looked on the underside of a public bench, you probably understand the desire to ban chewing gum. In 1992, the Prime Minister of Singapore was so fed up with the expense of cleaning wads of gum off of public facilities and the new public transportation system that he made the import and sale of chewing gum illegal. Though the ban is still in place, in 2004, the government made an exception for certain types of sugar-free gum sold by dentists or pharmacists, who must record the names of anyone who buys it.