Who Knew? Some Fun Facts

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A chicken is the only animal that we humans eat,
before it is born and after it is dead.

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Have you ever eaten Balut?

Balut is the Philippine word for fertilized duck eggs in which the embryos are allowed to develop for a time before the eggs are hard cooked. They are considered a great delicacy and are thought to have a therapeutic value as a food for invalids. Because balut eggs are considered an ethnic food, they are exempt from inspection and grading.

The Blue Whale is not just HUGE, the female Blue Whale is the largest animal on the Earth.
The largest plant is Pando, an aspen forest in Utah, all growing from the same interconnected root. At an estimated weight of 6,000 tons much larger than any whale. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pando_(tree) to quote Wikipedia:

Pando (Latin for "I spread"), also known as The Trembling Giant, is a clonal colony of an individual male quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides) determined to be a single living organism by identical genetic markers and assumed to have one massive underground root system. The plant is located in the Fremont River Ranger District of the Fishlake National Forest at the western edge of the Colorado Plateau in south-central Utah, United States, around 1 mile (1.6 km) southwest of Fish Lake. Pando occupies 108 acres (43.6 ha) and is estimated to weigh collectively 6,000 tonnes (6,000,000 kg), making it the heaviest known organism. The root system of Pando is estimated to be up to several thousand years old, placing Pando among the oldest known living organisms.