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    A daily exercise anyone can do.....

    I try to do my exercises at least 5 days/week.
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    Can exercise actually REVERSE aging? I thought the mice were looking younger!

    Different exercises with a stick (cane) help me very much to keep strength, muscles and flexibility.
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    What do you do for exercise? What motivates you to do it?

    I cannot lift heavy weights because of metastasis in the spinal column. I perform these exercises 4-6 times/ week. They work well for me to develop muscles, strength and flexibility. Six self-resistance (SR) exercises with a stick for arms and upper body muscles 1. Biceps pushing. Take a...
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    What do you for exercise? Thinking about progressive resistance

    As I wrote before, I use high tension self resistance exercises with a stick/belt. Sometimes I just use a cane for that. This training allows gaining strength, muscles, flexibility and good brain muscle coordination. It also helps to develop a cane self defense skill. I do not need a gym...
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    Trying to motivate myself to exercise

    For me, progress in something is the best motivation factor, including exercises. Just do what you can do, and you will see positive results.
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    Runner's High I.e., Endorphin Release

    Hi Nathan, There are a lot of trees, thorny shrubs and bushes around my house. Yes, I have a narrow two way hwy without sidewalks close to my house. I have never seen any runners or bicyclists on it.
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    Runner's High I.e., Endorphin Release

    I live in the rural area without good places for running; therefore, I use the indoor stepper. After 200-300 steps, I feel a “second breath” and could walk for long time. As I understand, a second breath is related to endorphin release and the breathing center adaptation to hypoxia. After my...
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    Stick Motility workouts

    This is great training to keep strength, flexibility, and mobility. I perform some exercises with self-resistance (opposite muscle co-contraction) to gain more strength
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    Staying sexy

    Hello Pecos, I got my prostate cancer at my 57, then surgery, radiation, long term anti-androgen therapy. Now I am on Zytiga but have multiple bone metastases. However, I fight my cancer as I can. Breathing and regular self-resistance exercises help me very much to keep my mental and physical...
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    Various Outdoor Critters To See and Discuss

    Grasshoppers are good for fishing!
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    Would you go for a swim here?

    In my lake, I will pass too
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    Various Outdoor Critters To See and Discuss

    Under my window
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    Various Outdoor Critters To See and Discuss

    On Hwy close to my house
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    Canoeing & Kayaking

    Thanks a lot, Keesha. I enjoy your pictures. Great places for fishing!
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    Canoeing & Kayaking

    Thanks for wonderful pictures! I also do not feel my 70 but prefer canoeing with a small outboard motor :).