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    A Warning About Doctors Office Visits

    I have an appt for my ears on May 15, wonder if I'll have to cancel by then. I could wait another 2 months after that.
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    John Hopkins Hospital virus safeguard recommendations

    The following is from an Asst. Prof in infectious diseases at Johns Hopkins University: * The virus is not a living organism, but a protein molecule (DNA) covered by a protective layer of lipid (fat), which, when absorbed by the cells of the ocular, nasal or buccal mucosa, changes their genetic...
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    A Warning About Doctors Office Visits

    Got an email from my vet. It said they no longer allow people into the lobby. You have to have an appt, call the office when you park in their lot, they'll call you when ready, you hand them the pet and they take to vet. You wait outside for the pet and pay by phone and ?? (forget).
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    What is this crazy bird thinking?

    I have a glass lasagna container of water in the back yard, it's the perfect size for my tortoise to soak in. The birds also use it for drinking. In the summer time many of the doves get in there and start splashing around. Free entertainment for me.
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    Will the coronavirus ever really end?

    My opinion only, I could be 100% wrong. I think Covid-19 will be a lot like the Spanish Flu. The SF came out in the spring of 1918 for 3 months, went dormant and came back in October with a vengeance and again in the spring of 1919, that's when most of the people died. The whole thing lasted...
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    Has Your Health Been Affected By COVID-19?

    Just asking, Annie, why are outdoor visits okay?
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    Has Your Health Been Affected By COVID-19?

    I sometimes cough and sniffle, but I always suffer from seasonal allergies and have been told I have ''chronic bronchitis'', so I'm not worried about it (so far). I went grocery shopping yesterday morning, so hope I didn't pick up anything. Tried to order delivery but it would have been...
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    Anyone else sitting outdoors these days?

    I'll be getting more fresh air than I need this next week. My back yard looks like a jungle with weeds from our recent rains. Need to pull them, don't like using herbicides because of ethical reasons and I also have a tortoise that will be coming out of hibernation any day now. But, even...
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    Grocery Shopping Today Just Like The Good Old Days

    I went to Frys (Kroger) this morning and got everything I needed. They were completely out of bleach, toilet paper, and towels, but I have enough of them already. The place had few customers and we all kept our distance from each other. Now I can go for another 3-4 weeks or so without...
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    Have you used the InstaCart grocery delivery service in your area?

    I tried for the first time ordering online this morning for delivery. It was easy, Kroger already had a list of most of the items I usually buy. It was all going well and I was ready to pay, then they said the soonest they could deliver was Thursday 8-9pm. I didn't want to wait THAT long so I...
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    ERRRR!!! Online Ordering !🤬🤬🤬

    If you didn't finish the order, paid etc, how can they expect you to owe? The transaction isn't finished until you give credit card #. Just ignore, that's what I would do. Sorry for the scam. I ordered online this morning at Kroger, my first online grocery order. They wanted to deliver...
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    Buying stocks now? 3/17/2020

    No one can tell the future, but I've read that the longer the bull market, the longer and steeper will be the bear market. This bull market just turned 11 years old, I believe it was the longest. So, if it's true, this bear market and recession will be long and brutal, especially considering...
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    My favorite thing to do when stuck in the house.

    Gaer, I'm not the least bit religious, but this is my favorite Michelangelo. Not only for it's realistic anatomical details, but it also shows and tells a story about maternal love and grief.
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    Going Against Her Doctor’s Advice, Woman Is Pregnant With 22nd Child

    I know a couple with six children, the next to last one is very disabled, and the oldest girls were basically second moms to the kids, especially the disabled one.
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    Going Against Her Doctor’s Advice, Woman Is Pregnant With 22nd Child

    They're mostly self supporting, but they do get some government help for the children = "However, there’s also the television documentary that they’ve appeared on from time to time, which undoubtedly provided them with a nice stipend. In addition to all that, they reportedly receive $225 a week...