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    In my opinion, The purpose of life is . . . . . . . . . !

    The purpose of life is not only to exist, but to justify your existence ...:cool:
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    Coronavirus, nothing to joke about...but I gotta be me.

    The Pope was over in Ballymona last week and he was doing miracles. Young Sean asked the Holy Father if he could help him with his hearing. The Pope put his hands over Sean's ears and holding them there, said a short prayer. "How is your hearing now my son ? " Sean looked up at the Pope and...
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    Did your shoe store have an X-ray machine for your feet?

    in our Clarks they had a wooden measure for width and length
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    Our parent's sayings

    you should lend folks your smile more often
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    How Many Months of Snow Will You Have?

    i normally migrate from the UK to India from mid october until April... but thanx to mister Covid i am not allowed...sob its been a long time since i saw any snow, and i'm dreading it
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    My Favorite TV Shows

    the Dead End Kids...i loved Satch.. but they were movies, i have been thinking about my favourites and top of the list was Wagon-Train, everything stopped for wagontrain... followed by Rawhide
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    The best thing about aging is?

    i just think its amazing i never died
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    i think its my brain, my body wants its sleep, but my brain has stuff to think about have you ever tried to empty your
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    What do you think is the most romantic song you have ever heard?

    So many Annies song love me tender lady in red passing strangers you dont have to say you love me island of dreams
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    Your personal thoughts about the word Elderly

    a few years ago it was my grandsons birthday and i had forgotten... so i dashed out to a local store that also sold cards, and i selected a 21st birthday card, when i took it to the counter the lady smiled at me, she was in her forties, she said "this is a really nice card, is it for your son?"...
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    Your personal thoughts about the word Elderly

    we all know folks who were old at 40... and i am 80 on my next birtday but my finest moment came this year during lockdown. my son was telling me a tale about some guy and he said "he wasnt that old either, about our age" of the mouths of babes
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    The Big Three for Seniors

    like previously stated, we try and keep our lives private-ish.... lol we are no longer a religious country, and politics...sheesh.. but our health service has always been amazing... but its also is getting rocky.. but i have always been a player, some guys worry themselves into an early death...
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    16 Foods to Eat on a Ketogenic Diet

    i admire fasting, as long as its not followed by a binge, we all eat way too much, in Europe mainly because of food being rationed in our childhood... but on the whole we eat way too much, mainly for comfort... so as i said, i admire fasting.
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    Oil and Vinegar Dressing and Chicken Scallopini recipe

    i think in Asia they also made vinegar from coconut and french fries without
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    People of Color, Innocent or Non Violent Who Were Killed By Police

    i agree you can't win them all, but would your team hire a man who couldnt bat?..ok yes a but our on the street police are batters, the pitchers are on the other end of the radio...