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    The Rat Squad. 1,000 Cats Released In Chicago To Help With Rats Run Amok

    Years ago when I had a house a feral cat would leave half eaten rats on our doorsteps. My next door neighbor and I would have them weekly. After a few months it stopped and we never saw the cat around again. I was very glad when the presents stopped.
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    They’re back. The Blue Angels are here for a weekend show.

    I always loved their shows and we went as much as we could.
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    The Recycling Of Plastics On PBS Tonight

    Did not see it in time. Will check PBS and see when it will air again.
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome from Houston!
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    Perry Como, "the man who invented casual."

    Loved his music!
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    Florida Principal Who Paddled Girl, 6, Was in the Right: Authorities

    The teacher should not have done it but the parents should have given her a couple of hand slaps on the bottom. Also they should have to pay for the damage she caused to the computer equipment. There has to be some form of discipline and evidently the parents have not taught her anything.
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    I think its medical that spills over into educational realm.
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    Is it selfish of me to want to receive cards or gifts for my birthday and Mother’s Day?

    I would be hurt also. But I think I would start not remembering their special events. Maybe a card but no gifts anymore for their birthdays or holidays. If asked I would just say I was following their lead. Welcome to the board.
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    Have your own style?

    I don't get out much anymore. But when I do I wear some pants that have pockets. I put my drivers license, Medicare card, keys and one credit card. It depends where I am going as to which ones I carry. Makes it easy. Don't have to carry a purse anymore. Grocery store does not require...
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    Mothers Day Gifts.....

    The gifts you are giving for the house are not just for her. She will be nice and say thank you but she will not consider it a gift. She is not your mother. If you want to honor her as the mother of your children then do something just for her and not for the household.
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    No Need For A Texas Permit To Carry A Gun

    I am in Houston and am with fmdog44 all the way. I have a gun and have a permit.
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    Canadian Lawmaker Caught Naked During Video Conference

    I still prefer to think of it as a mistake. If he wanted to be seen he would have said something else. People tend to do things while they are getting dressed. I have been known to talk on the phone while getting dressed but I keep my camera off whether I am dressed or not. I just use it...
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    Canadian Lawmaker Caught Naked During Video Conference

    He made a mistake and I doubt he will ever make it again. However he will never live it down. The story will follow him even if he changes jobs.
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    What Is The Makeup Of V8 Juice?

    I like cold V-8 but I forget to buy it. Been having groceries delivered and I will have to add it to the list. I used to make that soup with it too. It was a popular soup back in the day to lose weight. It was just good soup then and I never used it to lose weight. Did not need to then.
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    What Popular Alcohol Drink(s) Have You Never Tried?

    I like vanilla crown royal but have not had it in awhile. Sometimes I will have a little Baileys or White Russian before bedtime. Used to have a margarita when we would go out for Mexican food but we don't eat out anymore. Sometimes I order Mexican food and have it delivered. I have a cold...