Diets, Decaf & Other Dubious Deeds

I'm a tad disgruntled because it was my weekend off and one of the cooks got sick Friday. Rather than going to urgent care then she worked all day today sick and now I gotta cover for her tomorrow. I can't believe they let her work like that without forcing her to get tested and wait for the results.

it's amazing what a little snort of liquor in some hot tea can do. i slept like a baby till 6AM. now my lungs are giving me fits so i decided to get up and start my day. *props eyelids open with toothpicks*

i'm still irritated that i have to give up a day off because of this chick but whatever. next time i get a weekend off i'm turning my phone off till monday. i'm supposed to train on a different shift monday but if she's still sick they'll likely pull me to do her shift.

i'm grouchy this morning. *sips coffee*
i got a couple more video games friday night. one is called house flipper. it's kinda soothing. you're just cleaning up and decorating and stuff to sell a houses. the other one is called violett. you have to do exploring to figure out how to get out of the room your in.
I have an appointment with Stat Care at 1:15 in the parking lot to get tested for Covid. I'm scared to death but I'm leaving this in God's hands. I will know either later today or tomorrow morning.
How did the test go???
it hurt and i cried a little. i won't know the results till later today or tomorrow depending on when they send them out. they told me i needed to rest and drink water and get some mucinex and i can't go to the store so i'm getting that and some other stuff delivered. i'll just have them set it on the porch. gonna get some more alka seltzer and keep taking my airborne to boost my immune system.
in the half hour i spent in the back lot...9 other people were there getting tested.
i had to edit this. i miscounted. there was 5 there when i showed up and 4 more when i left.
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