Diets, Decaf & Other Dubious Deeds

You know...I'm seriously starting to wonder about people anymore. They're getting a little too weird & crazy for my liking. The worse things get...the more I want to avoid going out & bothering with it. I think I prefer to keep to myself.

It's pork chop day for the patients again. *Rolls eyes* I wish if they were going to do something irrational they'd do away with Monday's. LOL! This week we start virtual open enrollment. I wonder if I can screw up my order for health insurance for next year. *Grins*

Might get some rain this week.

Have a good day.

you know, that word of the day...sackbut...does not sound like it's definition.
[an early form of trombone used in Renaissance music.]
it sounds more like the description of a persons droopy butt. lol! and yes...i'm just that immature.

i had to finally break down and buy some more things on amazon this evening. i started with a new pair of work shoes. i bought the New Balance Women's 412 V1 Alloy Toe Industrial Shoe.
plus a couple insoles for this pair and one other i have that isn't ready for the garbage yet. i like hoka's but they're terrible expensive and they make me trip.

i also bought a backup nebulizer machine. the one i have is from Drive (the people who made my DeVilbiss.) only problem is, my dad said he's been through 4 of those already and mine cost me $175. i'm gonna be totally po'd if it conks out in a mo or 2. the new one off amazon was $60. and for another $60 some i got this thing called an aerobika. you breathe in and out of that and it helps break up the congestion in your chest. good for when you have COPD.

well...have a good night. i'm off to play video games.



I hope all your new purchases help make things a little better for you. I know I hate working with shoes that have broken down. They are so painful. Especially when a person is on their feet all day. :)

this evening the guy from the wedding party who had covid is over it already i guess and he's been ok'd to return to work. seems a bit odd considering the first one to get it in our dept was out for 6 wks.

then before i was heading out the door to come home...the 2nd person from the wedding party called in for tomorrow with a sore throat. the 3rd one didn't even have her mask on today or nothing. now if she gets it...she has spent the day exposing everyone and the bosses and supervisors walked right past her and nobody said crap to her. i asked her about it and she said and i quote..."i don't know. nobody has said anything. the mask is making me break out." *hands in the air* i can't make this crap up. these people are just that stupid. the last time someone said something to the boss about something similar the boss told them to mind their own business. maybe if i get it i need to go cough on a few people.
good morning.

another day of waiting to see if the other 2 from the wedding will get sick. this is quite stressful. i don't think people realize how hard this is even when you're NOT in direct care. and then being empathic i also pick up on everyone's hostility and tension which makes it a 1000 times worse. it's similar to having everyone's voices in your head with you all day. the vibe and energy they put off is so dark that it screws with my anxiety too.

they have decided to stop all non-essential procedures for a month and then see where they are in a month to decide whether to keep it like that or not. if things pick up much more i imagine they will cut the visitors off again pretty soon.

we're having bbq meatballs...mac and cheese and a dinner roll for lunch on the grill today. i think today i'm going to see if my co-worker will let me go to lunch first. we're supposed to trade off but i usually let him go first every day unless i have heavy prep or if it's my day to clean the fryers. unless there's nothing left by 1PM. then i'll let him go.

try to have a good day. it's cold here and there's frost on the car windows. see yall later.

In another thread there was mention of feeling old. I don't really feel old mentally but my body...that's another matter. I get up in the mornings I feel old. When I'm hobbling to the car after work I feel old. Occasionally I'll be doing something and just think to myself OMG...I'm almost 60. I don't know if I just can't fathom having lived this long? Perhaps my brain is shocked because it knows where I've been and what I've done all my life. Maybe my brain is thinking...Holy 🤬 she's still here! LOL!

I'm off to work. I get to fry chips again today. I couldn't be more thrilled. 😒

Have a good day.
As some of you know I like hard rock. I've always liked this group. Just a side note...I can't guarantee there's no adult language in this album.

Just downloaded 3 new fonts for my computer. I want to go through and clean out some of the uglier ones to make room for better ones.
You know...I wouldn't so much mind this whole Covid situation if we had a better team in place at work. But when you have 1500 or 1600 employees that do whatever the hell they want including the outsiders like doctors and's difficult to feel safe.

I got an email this morning saying they are expecting things to take a bad turn this weekend. They are relying on Remdesivir and Dexamethasone and ventilators for treatment of Covid here. I can't take the steroid and I know nothing about that Remdesivir. And the ventilator would probably end me. So things are looking pretty bleak right now. Our hospital is beginning to fill up. So it's starting here. I didn't figure it would take long once I heard the surrounding hospitals were full. How bad it will get is anybody's guess at this point. But I honestly don't think they are prepared. Usually you will hear chatter at the lunch tables or in the halls about stuff like this. There has been nothing going on chatter wise. We are basically in the dark until we get email updates from the chief of medicine.
We shall see what today brings. Having no emotional support through this is making this very difficult. As of yesterday I can't even discuss it with my family without my father getting ticked off and emailing me about it. So I guess all I can do is just sit here and live with it.
another day is upon us. as i watch our covid unit fill up all i can say is please...stay home...please...wear your masks and wash your hands. please...please...stay safe.
So far as of yesterday we were still holding at half the Covid rooms being full. I'm sure this is going to only get worse in the next day or so. I can't fathom 300+ infections and no hospitalizations soon. I think we may have had another Covid death yesterday as well.

We're having gyros on the grill and the hot food side is having nasty stuff. So it will be busy for us today. I will be married to the fryer again today.

It's chilly and very windy out today so that's not gonna help my lungs today.

Stay safe and have a good day.
Good morning.

This morning we have a count of 31 COVID patients. Four are on vents. The CMO said we have approx. 55 beds available. If things get ugly we have a couple options but without sufficient staff there's not much they can do. I have been told that places are trying to ship patients to neighboring states and they're being turned away. So buckle up buttercups cuz it's gonna be a bumpy holiday season.

I would normally sleep till 8 AM but, this morning my COPD is giving me grief so I finally said the hell with sleeping. LOL! I'll just go to bed early tonight.

It is exhausting working all day in masks and trying to keep your spirits up and keep a good attitude for customers when inside you're a melting mess of fear...anxiety & depression. But they're going through the same thing. Sometimes I watch the folks around me in the lunchroom from my quiet corner. Every so often I'll see a nurse or tech place both hands on their head and let out a heavy sigh before they go back to work and I know the feeling. It's very draining. Patient visitors are confused and often times nervous and upset and we have to be their calming force. That's the only thing that keeps me sane is being able to comfort someone else by helping them with some of the smaller things in the day like their need to eat. One lady came in almost crying cuz she thought we had closed and she wouldn't get to eat. Sometimes they forget their masks and we have to go fetch one for them so they can continue on their way. It's just hard on everyone. I can't imagine what it's like for loved ones being told they can't leave at all for the day or they can't get back in.

I pray that we will all stay safe. Even the stubborn ones. *Grin*
There was a thread on royalty earlier. I could never stand to live that way. I'm too rural to be prim and proper and fuddy duddy. If I had to leave the house all gowned up and dolled up all the time with photographers following me everywhere and having to speak publically...I'd have a fit. I live alone. I have a very casual lifestyle. All that royal fuss would be more than I could bear.

Just like with movie stars. How do they stand not being able to walk down the street without being stalked by fans and photogs. I can't imagine anyone desiring the limelight like that all the time till they died. Actually after they died because they can't even be buried in peace.
Good morning.

I've been doing some thinking this morning about how I will conduct myself in the future if we are ever rid of COVID. I will likely continue to isolate myself for the most part. If the restaurants survive this terrible time then I will still likely get stuff delivered. I really have no need to be in the restaurant. I don't care for the atmosphere in them anymore anyway.

I do want to be able to go into the store and get my own groceries once again. I hate relying on someone who isn't paying enough attention and grabbing the wrong things. It happens. Then I have to go without till the next time.

I will likely restrict my personal contact to just my parents. Provided we all survive this awful time.

I have been more emotionally guarded as of late. I have seen a side of people I didn't see before and it's not improving so I've been trying to guard myself against people's general nastiness. I would like to be more loving but people emit a toxicity anymore that makes me shy away from too much contact with them and their bad vibes. I realize this has stressed everyone. And that it's difficult to control your emotions when you're upset. But when people are being ugly on purpose it's hard to deal with.

Have a good day all!