Diets, Decaf & Other Dubious Deeds

A graphic illustration of the nasal swab test is causing people to cringe and convincing many of them to heed the warnings from health officials and stay home during this relentless pandemic.
SEE IT: This is how far a swab has to go into your nasal cavity during coronavirus test (


Then I saw this from August...
Goodbye, brain scrapers. COVID-19 tests now use gentler nose swabs (
Early COVID-19 images of swabbing from Wuhan, China, looked more like an Ebola news story — health-care workers fully encased in personal protective equipment (PPE), inserting swabs so deeply that brain injury seemed imminent.

since the arrival of covid i've had to get used to issues with grocery pick-up and delivery. one thing i've noticed is some issues at times with the websites or the shoppers.

yesterday i got charged for 4 gallons of water that the delivery guy never brought to the porch. i didn't catch it till later. i was having issues with text updates and for some reason my old phone number was being called. the one that the phone number got jacked. so i had to go in and edit that. never was an issue till last month. i had no idea what was happening.

so it's been a little frustrating but for the most part it hasn't been bad. just a lot to get used to all at once. i'm on changing times overload. i feel so overwhelmed every day with everything that's going on. it makes me just not want to take part in anything outside of work.
i don't know about anyone else but...with this pandemic i am in no mood to pretend to enjoy the holidays. everything this year is in the el sucko category. you know because i have such a happy go lucky disposition. 😒😆 far as i'm concerned if 2020 gets any funner we should spend the holidays at the Kevorkian's. surely the cocktails will be grand. i'm sick of putting on a happy face and pretending everything is peachy keen when it's not. yes i know...i'm still alive...blah blah blah. doesn't mean i have to fake enjoying it.

i'm not the Mary Poppins type. never have been. always been a little grouchy. could be because of my life history or i'm just a crabby old fart. lol! could be when i get out of bed these days there's nothing to really get excited over beyond morning coffee. too bad coffee can't make the days sparkle with delight. maybe Cinderella needs her own brand for us grumps. *grin*

when i was younger i used to love life. now it's more like sitting up in bed after waking up and realizing what's going on and where i am and thinking..."uh...ok..." that's the most important decision i make every day. to get out of bed and participate in life regardless of whether i want to or not. lol!

i have nothing to really look forward to anymore. and i don't know what to do to resolve that.
just an update...

today i found out that upper management is discussing getting some freezer trucks for us for the winter. apparently they said if this doesn't slow down in the next few weeks here we're gonna have to have a field hospital in the parking lot. the hospital won't get involved in any ads to encourage the public to distance and mask up. it's too controversial. *rolls eyes*