Diets, Decaf & Other Dubious Deeds

As a healthcare worker (no matter what department you're in) it is unsettling to walk in to work every day and stare death in the face and wonder if today's the day. Each day I pray on the drive to work for God to watch over me. I am willing to accept whatever fate he has in store for me.

I walk in the building and perform the required duties before starting my shift. Usually before I even clock in news reaches me if others in our facility or dept are on quarantine or have tested positive. The more it digs it's spikes into our dept the more nervous I get. At the same time as I put my apron on to go and prepare food for all of us there that day from staff to visitors to patients...I feel a sense of calm as if God is letting me know it's going to be ok no matter how afraid I am.

I try to tune out any chatter and just stay focused. Some days require more anxiety meds than others but if that's what I have to do in order to stay calm then so be it. God has watched over me since the beginning of all this. I try to remember that.

Every day we are exposed to staff who have been in direct contact with Covid patients. We are exposed to staff who've been exposed by other staff and other means. I just keep patiently waiting to see what God's plan is for me every day. It's like going to work and looking into the barrel of a gun and not knowing if it's gonna blow your face off. Every day I come out of there ok I count that as a blessing.
You know you're dedicated to what you do when you show up every day to do it knowing full well that the place you work at isn't doing enough to protect it's employees and the management doesn't even take the safety that seriously.

I've been looking at health and wellness type stuff for a bit now. I sometimes come across things I like to share. Here's one of them.

Bullying is an extremely troubling and heartbreaking issue. The psychological damage of bullying often sticks with an child well into adulthood – as is typical of traumatic events.

Bullying and Mental Health

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, substantial evidence exists demonstrating the increased risk of depression in kids who were bullied. During childhood, victims of bullying often display depressive symptoms, poor academic performance, and low self-esteem.

Many of the psychological effects of bullying – particularly anxiety and depression – are often evident among adults who faced constant physical and/or verbal harassment as children. (Children who both instigated and were the recipient of bullying may suffer even worse mental health problems.)

This article discusses seven potential adult behaviors of someone who was made fun of as a child. To wrap things up, we’ll briefly talk about some treatment options available for those suffering.
Some coworkers went to another coworker's wedding Saturday. One called in last night stating he had Covid symptoms. I'm not sure at this point if they're going to put the rest in quarantine or get us all tested or what's going to happen. I doubt they'll do nothing until we become symptomatic. Which at that point will be too little too late. I'm scared and mad this morning that this kind of thing is happening with no concern about the aftermath. I'm in the path of it even though I didn't go. It just ticks me off that people are so careless and so selfish.
Not sure if I updated this or not. The one co-worker tested positive for Covid and yesterday his wife ended up in our Covid unit. The other 3 that were at the wedding have yet to be quarantined or even tested. They were told unless they actually had it they had to come to work.
I guess some girls here went to the park the other day in their vehicle and they were just sitting there having their iced tea and talking when some older folks who'd been protesting something political came over to their vehicle and asked what they were doing and accused them of being stupid and taking pictures and all kinds of stuff. They took video of the verbal assault that took place and ended up having to leave the park. It is turning into one big scary world right now and I don't know about others but it's not one I want to be part of. I'm perfectly fine going from work to home and living in safety.
I've been waiting on some friends to join me on a video game but apparently I'm destined to do everything alone forever. *Shrugs...sighs...wanders off*
I just found an article about the area hospitals filling up as KS begins to have issues now. We have 40,000 residents and only 44 beds available for Covid patients. They call this prepared. We are short on staff so some of the staff that should be quarantined are not. They are told to come to work and until they show symptoms they won't even be tested. By then it's too damn late. And it's either give up our jobs or put up with this BS.

For those of you who continue to bitch and piss and moan about your freedoms and whine about the masks and the restrictions...just remember that we are all at work risking our f'ing lives so that you all can receive the care you need when you get this crap because you didn't want to wear your mask. And I can't begin to tell you how scary this is and how much this pisses me off that people are such selfish self-centered little whiners.
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After perusing the web for some infection rate numbers for the county I'm in I found a site that shows the map. We have an infection rate of 24% per 1000 people here at present. A neighboring county has 72%. All the surrounding hospitals are starting to fill up. So I don't know what they plan to do when they run out of beds here. They better be doing some sort of planning. You can't just let 1000s of people twist in the wind because you only have 40 some beds.