Dating After 50


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Thank you, Gaer. I do think Loretta could have gotten married at 103 if she was around. I did watch her show once in awhile when I was younger. Loved the way she entered that room through the door.

Just because it's not a dating site doesn't mean that sexual predators aren't gonna go there. That is why they tell you those things. But it won't keep them from following you home.

And not just sexual predators. Financial predators, too. And all kinds of God know what other predators. That guy who says he's a 60 year old widower looking for companionship may be just that, or he could be a guy looking for someone gullible to fleece, or worse. And some of those guys are very slick and know just what to say to entice a potential victim.

I think the advice Jeni was talking about above is very sound.