The silence of living alone.


I can't stand a quiet house. The only time this house is quiet is when I'm ready to go to sleep. I have the radio or the TV on all the time. A quiet house is too lonely for me.
I used to love my own company and didn't need external noise from media or phones - now, I have wifi running 24-7 with news, weather, Netflix. If it went down, I think I would lose my mind. I have also considered answering those unknown callers, just to have a dialog with another human.


Rhode Island
I live out in the country too... Have friends who drop in now and then... But I also talk to myself, especially when I am out in my shop... Been caught a few times, But they all know me by now... Have some pretty great conversations... Also, talk to myself when I am out cutting the grass on the tractor...
I will not admit that today I caught myself doing that too sad... estranged daughters.