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    Face Masks

    My wife and I wear one on any necessary outing. COVID-19 is spread by aerosol droplets, i.e. through the air. An unblocked cough or sneeze may spread the virus droplets 6 feet or more, and simply talking without a face mask may send droplets up to 3 feet. These droplets then land on nearby...
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    "Chinese virus - " yes or no?

    Let's not play the fool's blame game or politicize it, but rather listen to the information given to us and try our best to stay safe. Anyone who wants to stay informed can come to their own understanding of its origin. PCness is out of control now, IMO.
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    What Do You Do While You Stay At Home?

    What kinds of activities do you do while you stay at home to wait out the pandemic? Today when preparing my lunch I had an inspirational idea: Mama always told me not to play with my food!!! Let's hear what you all are doing.
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    What Brand of Coffee ??

    Going on several years now it is only kind of coffee I drink at home. Cafe Bustelo. I really like it because it comes ground for espresso but makes a flavorful brew using a drip coffee maker. I buy it at Aldi in the above shown package for $2.88. ...
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    Finally almost got a diagnosis

    So sorry to hear the bad news. I will keep you in my prayers. Best wishes and keep us posted. ...
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    Who's the most famous person you've ever met?

    Way back when, my older daughter was selected to be an extra for Back to the Future III. The filming was being done near where we lived and so many of the local people were chosen to be extras for the outdoor festival scene. She was one of 10 children that were used for filming. Labor laws...
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    Isn't It a Bummer When ....... had a really good answer but can't remember what it was when you go to post it.
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    What advice would you give the younger generation that is about to get married?

    What advise? Absolutely nothing. They never listen anyway. May as well tell it to the wall!
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    Alright, Boomers, did we change the world?

    Almost everything we did strictly followed the Law of Unintended Consequences! ...
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    Less coffee More water

    I drink a lot of water every day, although I also drink coffee. I am so lucky because Independence, MO has had their water rank in the top 10 world-wide 7 out of the last 8 years. Water from the tap is just like buying bottled water! I have found that as one begins to drink more water each...
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    Family Heritage - Genealogy

    I just had my DNA tested by 23andMe and it pretty much told me what my parents said. I'm 75% Scandinavian (Danish, Swedish and Norwegian), 12% English and/or Scottish and about 8% possible German. The Vikings were very active folks! I've also traced my family tree through Family
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    Flying A Small Plane

    I've had a private pilot's license since 1967 the summer I earned it. I was 18 and was thrilled with the whole concept of flying. Loosing the bonds of gravity and soaring into the heavens is almost indescribable. The aircraft I've flown: Cessna 152, Cessna 182, Piper Cub, Mooney, and...
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    Companies that pay cash for homes

    A few years ago, I had a rental house that had recently been vacated by the tenant. Of course they had trashed it and it need to be fixed up. I was so tired of doing that (for the third time) that I called one of those companies that offer to buy a house for cash quickly. They (presumably)...
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    Eating disorder hiding in plain sight

    Fads come and fads go. Somebody will always be trying to push the envelope. There is nothing so uncommon as common sense. ...
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    Late Fee Scam

    Late fees are an enormous money-maker for banks and others. ...