Do you talk to yourself?


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Pets (at least mammals) usually have a working vocabulary of several dozen words; mine certainly know "out," "treats," "no," "food," and "good boy/girl," so when I verbally interact with them, it's not talking to myself. All or most of us also run an internal dialogue of sorts pretty constantly, which even if not spoken aloud is self-talk...

Kit Kat

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Oh yes indeed I talk to myself and I live with my husband and two daughters are still living in the house.


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North Carolina
I have to be honest. Those of us who pray might be talking to ourselves sometimes. I got a feeling He is sick of hearing my petitions so just puts me on hold.
"His eye is on the sparrow"...He hears even the tiniest prayerful petitions. Sometimes He answers "No" because only He knows what is best for us. Sometimes He answers "Wait" for His perfect timing. Just trust and listen.